Monday, June 17, 2013

time flies

A new week.  How do we get here over and over again?  Wasn't it Monday just yesterday?  Time is such a mischievous little sprite thing.  It seems to get better at tricking me as I get older too.  When we were kids, days and weeks dragged on, lasting forever.  I miss those endless days as a child.  Especially summer days of waking up in the morning and playing until it was dark and we were worn out. Our parents had to persuade us to rest. 

 I remember before a dance recital - I was in kindergarten - my mom was imploring me to nap. She finally got me to bed by telling me to try and catch the little hand moving across the clock face. 
I wish adult days lasted that long.  Remember when an hour seemed like an eternity?  Now it's like an hour is nothing.  I have an hour to do something?  That's not enough time!  I sit down to write a few sentences and look up and an hour has passed already.  I wake up, open my laptop to check email, facebook, my blog, and Pinterest, and the next thing I know I've been awake an hour and my cereal is gone and it's time to go.

 Today was pretty great. Week Two of IRTY camp started and this week we are focusing on Japanese myths with the K-3 class. It's such a sweet, mellow class, compared to the 9 seven-old-boys last week! And in just a week, I have to led my own camp, all on my own and call all the shots, write the script, and teach these kiddos something! Prayers!

Also, please send some good thoughts to a friend who fractured his femur literally in half. He was helping a friend unstick a truck and it rolled over his leg. He's in for a tough road for recovery and I know he had tickets to the Beyonce concert in 12 days -and I know it seems trivial, but he is probably not going to that anymore and that concert it something that is very special and important to him.

It's crazy how fast time seems to be passing lately. We are well into June and I have a few more weeks of camp and then I start Sound of Music rehearsals. 

I'm mostly just trying to take things slow and enjoy the opportunities that come up - be it spontaneous roller skating all around the Paradise Path or trips to the Dunes. I am loving summer in Moscow mostly. Sometimes it's very quiet. But quiet is good. 

Quiet lets me get myself in order and decide what I want to do and when I want to do it. It's cool. But time is still flying really really quickly. And I don't know how I feel about that. I will be a senior next fall and I get to contemplate where I want to move to to continue my career and relationships. 

But here is my current to-do list: 
1) learn to fly
2) FLY