Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweaters and Boots and Scarves, oh my!

Hello, everyone!

I just want to start with a huge thank you for the huge amount of support and love I have been getting since my last, very personal blog post. It has been overwhelming and inspiring and I am honored that I was able to touch of you so. 

I am doing fairly well. Both the counselor and my doctor are pleased. The doctor is especially glad that I have put on a couple pounds and you can no longer see the vertebrae in my spine. 

So here I am. And I am enough. 

Today, though, I want to talk about fall. 

MM. Oh fall. I love it. The leaves are changing. The air is crisp. Pumpkin spice is back. It is scarf, sweater, and boot season. And let me tell you, I have been rocking these three fall fashions. 

Here is a breakdown of three of my fall looks so far:


 This is my Beauty and the Beast Sweater. I got it at Hot Topic, on sale. I paired it with simple, dark wash skinny jeans, my brown knee boots, and those big orange metal earrings. 



This was a favorite fall outfit so far. These red skinny jeans are from the Wal Mart clearance rack and the ruffled button down is from the Storm Cellar, a local consignment shop. I also wore my brown knee high boots with it and styled my hair in a faux undercut.


Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! I got this one at Goodwill for $1. The scarf came from my roommate's closet and I paired it with a red tank top and a pair of baggy jeans with sequins on the pocket from Wal Mart. I cuffed the hem, wore a pair of patterned tights underneath to show through the tears and pair of red flats from Payless.

SO. Yes. I love fall. Everything about it.

It has been raining here like crazy and the air just smells so clean and I am definitely planning a chili in the crockpot night here pretty soon.

I also love that it is show season. Grease is in full swing, so be prepared for pictures of that, and I got cast in another small show on top of that. And on top of that, I get to help design a production of A Christmas Carol.

So really, I am doing pretty well. Talk to you all soon!