Monday, October 7, 2013

Tribal Print For Days!

I have been experimenting with all sorts of new looks and styles, recently with mixing prints.

I have always been a little in doubt of whether or not I can pull of all sorts of prints and colors, but the wonderful words of Coco Chanel reminded me that I can wear whatever I please. So without further adieu, here is my exciting tribal print outfit.

It was also a fairly inexpensive outfit. I have been getting really good at shopping cheaply, but still with quality this semester, as I have been working on being a better budgeter and more conscientious about my spending.

The tribal shirt is from Ross and was about $6. The scarf is from Wal Mart and cost me $4. The camisole I got from a thrift store for $0.50.

 The boots are also from Wal Mart. The children's section, to be specific, and they're about a size 13. But that's ok, because they cost $15. So it was a good deal. My jeans are from Maurices, and those were expensive ($35) but I have kind of become a jean snob. A part of me realized I should probably be buying jeans that will last me a few years.

  My hair was real easy too. I parted it down the front and swept them back over my headband. I also combed the back back smooth so it  look nice and not lumpy. I twisted the sides so the back and the bobby pins so it looked artistic and nice instead of thrown together. 

So that is the tribal print outfit. This is a very simple blog post, no deeper meaning at all. 

But sometimes those are good too!