Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Worst Enemy to Creativity is Self Doubt

This is a post I have deliberated writing, but in the aftermath of the huge amount of support and I love got my extraordinarily personal post, this one seems pertinent.
Besides the support I received, I also got criticism for posting something so personal. And I agree, a blog is not a diary. Many of my posts do not reveal information like that AT ALL, and I chose to post that one for a very specific reason. I decided if I wanted to use my blog to someday help and reach people, I also needed to post the ugly things that happen. Not just the pretty clothes and the funny stories, but the ugly things.
 But next point - I also received an email from a girl in Europe informing that I wasn't skinny enough to be bulimic and I was clearly doing it wrong.
A blog is written by a human being with real feelings, pain, psychological disorders, relationships, joys, emotions... need I go on?

Blogs are not written by robot Stepford wives. Anything you say to a blogger is said to a real live human being who has feelings, just like you do.  Anything you say to a blogger, imagine saying to your best friend, your daughter, your husband, your wife.  A blogger is just as real as those people in your life, even if it doesn't seem like it because the internet is weird and seeing someone on a computer screen doesn't seem the same as talking face to face and it is easier to offer criticism and judgment to someone through a keyboard.

 A blog is written by a real live human being who choses to share her inspiration, struggles, and beautiful, sometimes ugly life with strangers.  It's scary.  The reason I started blogging was because I found that writing was the only way to work through some pain. Then I found an amazing community of blogging women and my own blog audience began to grow. And I wanted to branch my blog out into fashion, theatre, singing. I was totally inspired.

 It's a daily pleasure to get emails letting me know that now some people are similarly inspired by my blog! Little old me's blog!

A blog is a peek into someone's life.  A peek through the blinds. A snippet. And it's weird because we read this person's story every day.  We know what is happening (or at least what they've shared), and we feel connected to them. It's not creepy to know things about a blogger who you meet, that's just how it works.  Bloggers don't think readers are creepy for knowing things about them which they share with the entire universe via the web.
I love you all and I love reaching out to you. Inspiring you in the same ways I have been inspired by other strong women is an incredible role that I never thought I would fill.