Friday, January 10, 2014

Dinosaur Ring Holder DIY

What am I making now? With resources like Pinterest at my fingertips, I can find inspiration for quirky crafts with the click of a button, the tap of a key. I love it. 

And, yes, I am using extra sheet music as a painting surface. Welcome to my life. 

Now, I might be the only person with this problem. But here goes.

I have a lot of hair. Like a lot. Of thick strands. Thick wavy strands. So sometimes washing my hair in a real pain in the rear. Especially since I like to wear rings.

I think one of the worst pains - trailing behind stepping on a Lego and followed closely by pinching your eyelid in an eyelash curler - is getting your ring snagged in your hair while you're trying to lather, rinse, repeat. That stuff hurts.

But I don't really like just leaving my rings on the counter or on the back of the toilet. I don't want to lose my cladagh ring down the drain.

So what did I make? 

I made myself a dinosaur ring holder. 

It seemed fitting, since dinosaurs are some of my favorite things. 


1) Dinosaur: This can be any dinosaur you want. I went with a long neck because I can put multiple rings on it, though I thought about a T Rex and hanging one ring of each arm. Anyway, I digress. This is also a little dinosaur - I didn't want this to be some massive bathroom sculpture. 

2) Paint: I used gold acrylic paint - just like almost all my other DIYs. I splurged this time and got a metallic gold that cost $1.77. BIG SPENDER. 

3) A Base: My base is actually two parts. The bottom part is a Corelle bowl from Wal Mart and the top is the lid of sprinkle container, that I hot glued in there. There is a reason behind my madness! I did not want this project to sit in the wet that inevitably covers a bathroom countertop every once in a while. And I also wanted a flat space for other jewelry, ie necklaces and earrings. 
        Also- the longneck's tale didn't fit inside the bowl so I had to improvise a little bit. 

After getting all the supplies together, I simply painted and glued. And viola. 

Absolutely lovely. Emerald is definitely her color. 

Now this little beauty lives right next to the sink in our bathroom, waiting to hold my rings for me. Waiting to save my poor hair and aching head. 

You can make something like this with any size plate, bowl, cup; and then any dinosaur, action figure, animal. That's what makes this project so fun.

 Go forth and craft!!!