Friday, January 17, 2014

Pocketful of Sunshine

I have another DIY post for you! 

My friend and I did a craft day last week!

I have already talked about a few of the things we did that day here: if you want to read up on them. 

But we also made pocket shirts!! 

This is a really easy craft and it doesn't take long at all. 

tee shirt
a scrap of fabric - I got mine from the remnant bin at Joanne's
sewing machine (or needle, but a machine makes it faster) 
Lace or any "notions" that you might like to use

Step One: Design your pocket pattern. Shane and I cut it out of the fabric like a Valentine. You know when you're in the first grade and you learn how to cut out hearts by folding the paper in half and so on? Fold your fabric in half and use a pen or a marker to sketch out your pocket shape. This is definitely a measure twice, cut once sort of step!! Just trust me, go slow and make sure your lines are straight before you cut the pocket out. 

Step Two: This is a personal preference, but I then ironed and folded and pinned the edges about 5/8" so the edges would be finished and look really neat and tidy. I then did a nice, tight stitch to secure the hem. 
Step Three is an optional step! I put a little strip of lace across the top of the pocket. Pin and stitch! 

Step Four: Try on your shirt and go look in a mirror. Find where you would like the pocket to be and pin. This is where having a craft buddy comes in handy, because, for me at least, pinning something in a mirror is really hard! 

Step Five: Stitch on your pocket. Make sure not to stitch through both layers of shirt, because stitch ripping sucks. 

And then you have a pocket shirt!!! 

 Now, I wouldn't exactly call this project "inspired" by this song, but we did watch this movie while we were working on them. And we sing this scene whenever we see each other. And we also wore our shirts yesterday and sang it across the building to each other.

So this song definitely makes pocket shirts exciting!!