Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keep Calm And Spring Will Come

Today was, for me, the first day that really felt like Spring.

I know we have been having some warmer weather for quite a while at this point, but spring break starts tomorrow and things just seem to be lulling down. 

I gave my first senior recital in the lovely Pearl Theater in my hometown. And that felt great. Sure, there were things that could have gone better, but that is live theatre. And it is a beautiful thing. 

Even though I felt really blue today, for some totally inexplicable reason, it just felt nice to be alive and in the sunshine. Today I was struggling with resisting purging (which I'll have you all know, it has been a couple months since the last incident) and I was just feeling really unappealing and overweight. I think with the recital over, I have less to distract my mind with and those old fears are coming back. 

I have been dumped by two different guys in the last two months and that took a little bit of a toll. But with the recital, I didn't have a whole ton of time to linger on it. One guy dumped me because he just liked another girl better and the other one dumped me because he was too happy and he didn't think there was any way for us to work out in the long term. Ouch. But healing is possible and healing happens. At least I'm dating. I'm not sitting around being mad at Captain Douchebag anymore and that is a really nice feeling. 

So yeah, no matter how blue I get sometime, it's just nice to be here, in this beautiful town, and it's nice to be mostly healthy.

I love walking to school, without my big jacket, or driving with my windows down. There is something about singing in the sunshine, or in a sun-filled practice room that is just better than it is in the snow. 

Today, I have an Outfit of the Day post. Which is extra exciting because I got to take my pictures on the balcony instead of in my bedroom or in my bathroom or inside at all! 

Today, I wanted to channel a comfy casual look. I wanted a few layers, just in case it got chilly (and since it is always about 60 degrees colder in the shade).

I went with a dinosaur tank...

A polka dot sweater...

Basic cuffed jeans...

And black oxfords...

Very comfy and cute. And it was perfect for today's weather. We had a high of 52 degrees in my lovely little city and it was just a nice day. No matter how blue one feels, the bright warm sunshine can brighten any day. 

Enjoy the sun!